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June finally arrived, that means that summer is here, it's time to put your sunglasses on, get your body tanned and enjoy what these three next months will bring for you.

Summer is the right time to live new experiences, to have fun and of course, to wear the best outfits, whether you are going to the beach or to a pool party, Summer is the time when you should look fresh and flawless, this is why VenezuelaconVdeVerano will show you what's on fire this season! I promise you won't have to wait until fall to have a love adventure, cause following these tips everyone will be melting for you.


Off the Shoulder Tops

These are the Highlight of this summer, they will make you look fresh, sexy and comfy, no matter what color you like to wear they look really beautiful in every color, (My favorite is white). The most interesting thing about them is that you can show your tan lines (yes, they are allowed!!), your neck will look longer and as a final result you will look thinner, so, what are you waiting for? get yours right now.

Colored Clutches

Wearing a Colored Clutch Purse is the best and easiest way to give color to your outfit, all the sizes, all the shapes, all the colors, don't worry if the clothes you are waring have a different color, just take one with you and shine like the sun this summer.

Laced-Up Shoes

White Jeans

We are used to listen about wearing hats, sunglasses, and shorts, (And those will be always a must have on summer) but this year you have different options, don't think twice about wearing a white jean, or laced-up shoes, it's time to take risks and have fun...

And don't forget to be yourself and  enjoy every new day as if it was your last.



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